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Leonard Brothers, builders of whaleboats

Ebenezer Leonard and his two sons built over 1,000 whale boats from 1852 until his death in 1891. Whaleboats were extremely important to a whale man's survival and this boat chased the leviathans of the deep in all the waters of the world. When a blubber hunter saw a Leonard boat on the davits or realized he had one between his feet and the deep blue sea, he knew is was a staunch craft built with honor.

Photo left: Ebenezer Leonard, Jr. (center)
with his two sons, Charles F. (rear) and Eben F.
Courtesy of the New Bedford Whaling Museum,

Captain Martin L. Eldridge

…"And the new town (Acushnet) would have unfortunately been christened by the name of "North Fairhaven" had not Captain Eldridge led a protest against it…" "…Then Captain Eldridge wrote a petition to the Legislature, which was liberally signed, to 'strike out the words 'North Fairhaven,' and insert the word 'Acushnet'."
History of the Town of Acushnet, by Franklyn Howland

Captain Seth M. Blackmer

Captain Blackmer was a master at age twenty-one and part owner of the Juliana in 1840, rounded Cape Horn thirteen times and sailed around the world eight.

Captain Jacob Taber

Captain Taber was a typical master of whaling vessels and remarkably successful. He never had a mutiny, never sustained personal injury, and never lost a vessel.

Captain James Allen

Captain Allen commenced his seafaring life at age fourteen as cabin boy on the Canton. He spent twenty years in the sperm whaling industry, ten of which he was master.

Captain Andrew J. Wing

Captain Wing lived through many hardships in youth, and survived forty-nine days at sea with thirty-two men in open boats.

Captain J.R. Allen

Captain Allen commenced his seafaring life at age thirteen as cabin boy on the Columbia. After nearly forty years at sea, he retired to his home a few rods north of Parting Ways.

Captain William I. Shockley

Captain Shockley sailed as 3rd mate of the Charles W. Morgan in 1878, was a so-called lucky whaleman and sperm whaling master on the bark Wanderer.

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